Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame Homes: Timber homes are built with strong and lengthy timbers in a horizontal and vertical framework. The timber frame bears the entire weight of the structure, making load-bearing interior walls unnecessary and cathedral ceilings possible. Timber-frame homes also boast flexible design and work particularly well for open floor plans. And lest we forget, you can be as versatile as you’d like with the exterior of your timber home. SIPs, or structural insulated panels, enclose and insulate your Timber frame home. Outer layers, (typically made from oriented strand board), sandwich a solid core of insulation, creating a two-for-one building material that’s lightweight for easy installation. Panels can be cut on-site or pre-cut by the manufacturer to fit your home. They may cost 2 to 5 percent more than some other options, but they could lower your building costs by speeding up construction and reducing waste. Other long-term advantages: energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
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